Step 5: The Core 4 Principles

It is vital for us to track your progress. Therefore, please download the Core 4 tracker below, print it out and start to fill it in from today.

Each principle is worth one point and your goal is to achieve 4 points a day.

Here are the core 4 principles of the program.

1. Hydration - Drink 2.5L of water a day.

2. Goodness in (70/30 rule) - Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, lean proteins and healthy fats (use the 70/30 rule, 70% of the time eat goodness and 30% of the time allow yourself to have those snacks and treats you enjoy).

3. Exercise - Aim for 3 sessions of exercise per week.

4. Sleep - Aim for a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night.